Blog Title Published On 18-12-2017

First things first, let me introduce myself. I am Aysem Zorlu, a travel junkie, nature lover, adventurous and socialite. I love to mingle with people both physically and virtually. For the past four months I have been working really hard on a unique start-up service called, which is about offering local experiences of Cyprus and other lovely activities through the eyes of locals.

I have always felt that a majority of online and offline travel guides focus upon offering a brief overview of the destination and follow similar pattern: praise the beauty of the place, list some of the most sought-after tourist attractions and add a call to action in the end.

My blog would be completely different.

I want to inform people about things/aspects that only a local or firsthand experience can tell. I will go the extra mile for the benefit of my readers and meet living breathing locals who are keen to show their region to outsiders the way they want to.

So, what I can guarantee you is that is going to be a different sort of blog-site where you can expect to get the taste of a region’s culture in the most authentic manner. In my opinion the best way to start the blog is to introduce you to Cyprus’ most exclusive adventure, scuba diving.

While on vacations in Cyprus no one should escape scuba diving. It is one of the must-try activities in Cyprus. Cyprus has many great dive spots with warm temperature, clear blue water coming along with almost no rain during the year. Cypriots are fun loving, independent and nature loving people. And we want to live on the edge… we love the freedom and crave to explore nature. We are also thrill lovers and want to live the life not merely spend it. That’s why I wanted to tell my readers about the amazingly delightful recreational activity of scuba diving in Cyprus.

Diving in Cyprus is quite fun because of the well-equipped dive centers situated all across this east Mediterranean island. It hosts one of the best ten wrecks in the world to dive (The Times, 2003).

With my foreign friends visiting Cyprus I preferred to visit one of the very popular dive centers in Kyrenia. Scuba diving in Cyprus is as easy and doable for non-divers like me as it is for professional divers because the training staff is well-trained and very friendly. Honestly, I was quite perplexed early on because I had never tried it before and just the mere thought of it made me uneasy. But, I being couldn’t hold back this urge to try it out and inform my readers about the experience.

Our instructor Saban (the cool guy at very right on the picture above) was very supportive. We were offered to wear full diving equipment and undergo breathing exercise, which is the most difficult part of the entire practicing session. Next up was learning underwater communication language because during diving we could only communicate through signs. This was an easy job and we were quick to learn all the signs. Our instructor also gave us pre-water instructions too just to make us familiar with water conditions, temperature and pressure. We also tried a few dives and took some steps on water. I stumbled a few times and regained balance.

As far as diving itself is concerned, it was somewhat difficult because the underwater experience cannot be practiced at all. Water feels silky smooth but it is really difficult to breathe properly underwater in the beginning no matter how much you practice. The color of water appears the same underneath as it looks from the top. You instantly become lively, energetic and vibrant once you meet with nature. The fishes, shells, small creatures and the sand all make you wonder what’s there is in store. When I looked above while diving, I wondered how serene, comfortable, calm and at peace I felt underwater. It was a different experience to be honest and I would want you all to try at least once in Cyprus.

If you also feel inspired and want to give a try click here to book this adventurous experience.

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