A Valentine gift for you: Loacal is re-born! Last Updated 13-02-2018

As some of you may know our website has been in extreme need of a facelift for quite a while, well here it is!

With an increased travel vision, on February 7, 2018, the new Loacal website was launched. These are the changes that were included in this relaunch:

Key New Functionalities

  • New, responsive design;
  • Multi-language website (English, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese – more to follow)
  • A user-friendly booking process;
  • New, easy-to-use Message Box between traveler and loacal;
  • Social Login (Facebook & Twitter)

Other Improvements for Travelers

  • A new start page with first-hand information for users who visit the Loacal website for the first time;
  • New design and added functionality for explore page;
  • New design for experience pages;
  • More clear and fixed availability;
  • New Help & FAQ sections;
  • Better usability of the review function;
  • A new functionality for ~currency conversions;
  • More payment options, including bank transfer;
  • A re-designed Loacal Blog;
  • Smarter experience suggestions during and after booking

Other Improvements for Loacals & Advertisers

  • Smarter banners for easier and relevant navigation,
  • A clearer tool for adding or editing the experiences;
  • A further advanced loacal management tool. It includes a better overview of the current steps in managing the bookings;
  • Hidden Agent information;
  • An easier certificate upload tool

Other Improvements for All

  • More coverage and protection of all 3 sides, Loacal.com, travelers and loacals at Terms & Conditions;
  • More secure sign-up process for Loacals (sms verification);
  • Display cost can no longer be set by loacal. It’s to be determined by our system for a more consistent user journey


What else is coming?

  • Create a share-able liked experience list for future use;
  • Share & receive €10 off;
  • Full website will be presented in more languages (eg. Greek, French, Persian);
  • Ticketing with instant booking
  • Mobile App

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