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Dear parents, I’m here with a new post. This one is different as it’s written as a result of deep research and is dedicated to parents visiting Cyprus or living in Cyprus.

It's different to explore a city with kids, isn't it? The good news is, Cyprus is a country full of activities and places where children will have fun: historic places, theme parks, museums... Come on, let’s enjoy Cyprus with your lively kids!

I will start with the most fun one: The Mermaid Cruise

Available in Protaras

Who likes mermaid stories? Me, me! 😊

The Mermaid Cruise

This boat tour has everything you need to entertain our kids: A pirate, Tinkerbell and swimming with mermaids! Once you board and start sailing, you will enjoy the tranquillity of the boat ride. Children may have their faces painted during this journey. Then, the fun treasure hunt starts and everyone will try to spot the real live mermaids. They normally enjoy the sun in the coastline of a blue lagoon. Then, they come near the boat, pose for photos and the children will have the opportunity to have their photos taken with the mermaids.

What a wonderful children’s adventure! The only sad news is that they only sail on Saturday.

Book this adventure at The Mermaid Cruise

Bubble Maker & Discovery Diving 

Available in Agia Napa and Kyrenia

Give your kids a taste for scuba diving under the supervision of experienced PADI Instructors.

Scuba Diving in Kyrenia

Bubble maker is as fun as it sounds – a chance for kids to blow bubbles while experiencing the basics of scuba diving. This is only available for kids 8-9 years old. During this fun session, your kid will learn how to breathe underwater. Click here to book bubble maker in Agia Napa

If your kid is older than 10 years old and knows basic swimming, then a discovery dive in Cyprus is a better fit. This will be your introduction to the amazing underwater world.

Because Cyprus has one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean Sea, this is available throughout the year. Contact Scuba Diving Agia Napa or Scuba Diving Kyrenia for further info.


Colours of Cyprus: Introduction to Dyeing with local plants

Available in Limassol Mountains

This is my other favourite kid-friendly activity in Cyprus. 

Cyprus with a local

Unfortunately, because this experience is located in the middle of nature, there is no public transportation. You will need to car hire or arrange a taxi from the nearest city. It’s around 1 hr from Limassol city. However, I guarantee a day your kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

The tour starts with a nature walk with an introduction and plant identification. And then a hands-on dyeing session with a nature-addict who has a wide experience in the history of natural dying. Contact the organiser at Colours of Cyprus.

You have a board meeting in Cyprus

Available in Larnaca and Kyrenia

Do you want your kid to join the joy of paddling in Cyprus? 

SUP in Larnaca, Cyprus

Stand Up Paddling is the foundation of surfing and is becoming one of the most popular summer activities in the calm waters of the Mediterranean. If you want your kids to learn a new skill, improve their balance and go to bed that night exhausted with a big smile on their face, then SUP is what you are looking for.

Book your Stand Up Paddle (SUP) experience online.

Explore Fairy-Tale Castles of Cyprus

Available from Nicosia, Kyrenia, Larnaca, Famagusta, Agia Napa

Castles in Cyprus are where fairy-tales come to life. 

Caste Tour in Cyprus

For example, Walt Disney drew inspiration from St Hilarion Castle for Snow White. Kantara Castle offers real magical appeal with its wonderful views around the east part of Kyrenia Mountains. One important thing to note is that Castle Walks in Cyprus are for kids who are used to nature walks. The length of the walk can be quite long.

Click below for further info:

Kyrenia Castles Private Tour (St. Hilarion, Kyrenia, Bufavento)

Kantara Castle Walking Trip

Bellapais Abbey and Boufavento Castle Exploration

Discover the Cypriot Cuisine

Available in Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol

Cyprus cuisine has been influenced by different cultures throughout history, so Cypriots have developed their flavours by blending them in a slightly different way from the original.

Food Tour in Nicosia

If you are in south Cyprus, my suggestion is Nibbles & Giggles Snack Tour. As part of this tour, you won’t only discover the city you are walking around in but also taste Cyprus’ local way of eating, some of their traditional tastes and even more.

If you are in North Cyprus, then you can take food tasting to another level and actually join a foodie workshop. As part of this gastro class in Nicosia, both yourself and your kid will learn how to cook with the most traditional Cyprus cuisine recipes and you will end your day enjoying the food you have prepared. What an entertaining family time!

Are you ready for a bike adventure? 

Available in Akamos, Paphos and Kyrenia

 Jeep Safari in Kyrenia

Safaris with children are not only possible, usually from about five years upwards, but also potentially one of the most exciting family holidays you can hope for. Getting covered in dust and being quiet at the back of a jeep are not the most compatible set of circumstances for children; however, kids do love this adventure!

Book your Quad Safari in Paphos or Jeep Safari in Kyrenia.

by Ayşem Zorlu

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