Blog Title Published On 18-12-2017

Komi Kebir, Büyükkonuk: Ali C. - An inspiring entrepreneurship story

Büyükkonuk or Komi Kebir is a beautiful village in the Karpaz Peninsula with a population around 1000 people living there. According to a legend, the name Komi is connected to a Saint called Auxentios (İksendi). According to the story, he was a commander in Anatolia around the fourth century. After seeing Virgin Mary in his dream, he decided to move to a cave and Spent rest of his life for worshiping God. When he got on to ship, with a divine power he found himself in Cyprus. Saint Auxentios, started a religious life in a cave that is called İoution (Yudi) region, which is very near to Büyükkonuk. After his death, the villagers from Komi and Eftakomi found his body and started to fight for it. After a while, they decided to put his body in a car with one cow from each village, and they agreed to bury the body at the point where cows stop. After a long walk of cows, they stopped next to AyaMavra Chapel in Komi. Unfortunately, that did not stop the fighting. In the most tense moment of the fight, Saint comes alive and said the Word ‘Gomi’ which means to here and went back to death. His miraculous intervention stopped all the fights, and they buried him there and changed the name of the chapel to Saint Auxentios and named their village as ‘Gomi’. On the other hand, Kebir added during the Ottoman era, they added kebir to Komi which means noble, great and it became Komi Kebir. When the calendar pointed out 1958-1959 the name changes once again to ‘Komi Kebir, Büyükkonuk’. Finally, in 1999, Büyükkonuk officially became the only name.

Today, Komi Kebir became an inspiring entrepreneurship story with its actions on becoming an eco-village. We found the opportunity to visit that village, with a group of young people from Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Cyprus within the winter camp organization of Maraş-der, a youth association located in the open part of Varosha. We stayed in Pine View Bungalows that is owned by the municipality. With its walking distance to village, it made possible to enjoy the great nature and also discover Büyükkonuk.

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