Let's meet with a Cypriot Ceramic Artist Last Updated 28-02-2017

Ceramic Art with Photos

We had a chance to observe the making stage of the work of the snail outdoor ceramic sculpture, which emerged as the result of long-lasting efforts of Sevcan Çerkez, one of our famous ceramic artists. Friends wondering about ceramic making, keep on reading…

First of all, let’s talk about the origin of this work. In the context of the “Citta Slow (Slow City) International Project”, Lefke town in Cyprus was chosen as the greenest area of the island. In this town, which resources mention it as the hidden paradise, nature and culture-friendly tourism and the development of sustainable tourism are inevitable with the support of the Citta Slow Project.

Sevcan Çerkez has been contacted by the municipality, which aims to make snail, the symbol of the Citta Slow Project, a symbol of peace in the region. In this context, the artist's first job was to pick up a snail, also known as “garavolli” and start exploring. The artist, who expresses that art starts with observation, carries out her work with a great pleasure in the living room of her house with her dogs.

Our adventure with Sevcan Çerkez starts with creasing papers/newspapers to fill inside of the formation in her dreams that began by designing in her mind and making the first shapes.

Although this phase is not necessary for making small-scale ceramics, the artist states that it is a preferred system to avoid the loss of shape by increasing the size. The artist turns on a soft background music by foreign musicians.

Now it is time to open the clay and put a base to our sculpture! This process is followed by the beginning of the construction of snails.

The first snail was put on the base. Now it is time to close it and reveal its main lines.

But of course, she still keeps getting inspired by the original snail…
As time flows, the snail began to manifest itself...

As it is seen below, we can clearly see its horns and face.

While fusing observation and creativity, she says that it is time to deal with the details of this work,

and by shaping the clay

she begins the fine work.

The Ceramic Studio, or it can be even called a nicely decorated museum, the artist has a house decorated with paintings and sculptures, many of which are her own. A small snail sculpture that has been made long years ago, caught our attention when we were walking around the house.

We can see Sevcan Çerkez's passion for art from how much she enjoys playing with ceramics, and from her joy and singing songs occasionally. Such an amusing presentation of the ceremony has led us to enjoy the product rather than focusing on it.

Approaching the end of the work, this work of art looks really nice, doesn’t it?

We were just fascinated by the ability of Sevcan Çerkez to see the final status of these works after oven-drying them that had been turned into a design when they were just a thought.

If you would like to visit the artist's house and do a mini-ceramic workshop, you can book the experience from this link.

To visit these exhibits and visit green Citta Slow Lefke with local guide adorned with lush and historic artifacts, you can book from this link.

See you later art-lover travelers…

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