Love & Travel: Where to propose? Publish Date 19-02-2019

Not much time has passed since Valentine’s Day. I believe we can even say that love is still in the air. As the winter ends and we approach spring, this is the season for romantic gestures and proposals.

I can hear many future groom-to-be wondering where to propose to make their loved one the happiest and most surprised. I summarised a mix of famous and hidden spots for you. I guarantee they are all Instagram-able :).

The Island of Aphrodite: Cyprus

Don’t be a cliché. There is a place that deserves the title of “City of Love” even more than Paris. The city of Paphos in the island of Cyprus. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility & Eternal Youth was born from the foam in those waters. It’s actually a very popular destination not only among the residents and visitors of the island but also because of its very distinctive ambience.

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Propose in Cyprus

Photo credits to Paja Safarik

The City of Angels: Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has a cosmopolitan charm with its expensive and modern hotels where traditional Far East architecture is blended with modern structures. Who doesn't want to hear the most beautiful “yes” of his/her life at a romantic table with a panoramic view of the true city of Angels?

Propose in Bangkok

Tango-Smelling City: Buenos Aires

Named as The Paris of South America” Buenos Aires welcomes its visitors with blue to red like a rainbow, randomly coloured metal houses. Such a cute atmosphere and unusual travel destination to take your love story to new heights.

Propose in Buenos AiresPhoto credits to Céline Harrand.

Fairy Tale Land: Cappadocia

One of the most beautiful landscapes in the world Where your love will have a happy ending like in fairy tales. In the unique atmosphere of fairy chimneys, you will feel like heroes of a romantic story while riding in a colourful balloon across the sky.

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Propose in Cappadocia

The most sweetheart of any metropolis: London

An always popular travel destination with landmarks like the Buckingham Palace, parliament building and the famous Thames River, London also takes its place in my suggestion list. Make your proposal unforgettable by touring the unforgettable city of Lady Di while enjoying a romantic afternoon tea with your loved one. This bus tour is the cutest a proposal environment can be.

Propose in London

Bonus: My personal favourite: Portmeirion, Wales

When you step into this village you will be amazed by the beauty that can be created by the human hand. Also being home to many film productions, this extraordinary village has buildings that look like they are made of sugar. Read a bit about this place. You will be amazed by how adorable and romantic it is. Your proposal will be like in the movies.

Propose in Portmeirion, Wales

Photo credits to Ayşem Zorlu

by Ayşem Zorlu

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