Nature boost at Butterfly Valley Publish Date 08-08-2016

The beautiful sea, the cool breeze, the blue sky with the sun shining at the top, the imposing mountains… all of it in one place. A paradise like no other. It is definitely a place you want to visit. So let me take you on a magnificent journey by sharing my experience at the Butterfly Valley, a trip that can be found at my website, Loacal offers various different activities in Fethiye. The one that I am going to talk about is specifically about the activities in Butterfly Valley.

So, what was it like? It was around a month ago, I met with Emre, a hiker from the Butterfly Outdoor Academy Center, at Oludeniz, Fethiye from where we visited the Butterfly Valley by boat. You might need to take the boat to the Valley if they are already there. Travelling by boat is simply enthralling; you travel the sea while surrounded by beautiful scenery – the wooden houses, the clear sea water, the greenery.

Arrival to Butterfly ValleyButterfly Valley

My very friendly guide, Emre, was a very lovely lady whose attitude constantly kept me motivated. She took me to the waterfall and as we walked our way to this beauty of nature, we had already treaded for 20 minutes walking past rocks and fragrant flowers. I was lucky enough to visit during peak season and observe the delicate butterflies fluttering all around us during our walk. As soon as we reached the waterfall we began climbing it, which took us about 10 minutes and it was as if we had entered a completely new realm. The view from the top rendered us breathless. It was an unforgettable moment. The picture below captures just a glimpse of it. You definitely have to be there to experience it all.

But if you want to make the most out of the trip, do not forget to wear proper shoes, which did. Especially near the waterfall, a pair of non-sliding boots can really ease your climb. That being said, not wearing proper shoes did not stop me from enjoying the trip. We stopped at the starting point of the via Ferrata in Turkey. Although I did not try the via Ferrata and just did some hiking, I still relished the moment. In fact drinking clean fresh water coming from the waterfall is a gift of nature.

There are also many other activities offered by the Butterfly Outdoor Academic Center. If you want to spend your vacations in Turkey, this is a good place to go. This includes rock climbing, adventurous water sports at the Valley, as well as canyoning and hiking in Fethiye.

After hiking, we took a break and stopped at some wooden cafes situated between the trees. We waited there for our boat to take us back. Here is the view from the evening.

All I can say is that despite not being a climber nor even a professional hiker for that matter, I simply enjoyed each and every moment. Not to mention the kindness of the Turkish people – they are amazing people. There are also a lot of other tourist attractions in Fethiye, and you can do a number of different activities like hiking at the Lycian Way. The place, Oludeniz, is in itself glorious and one of the most famous attractions there is the Tandem. If you want to try similar experiences and get out of that daily stressful routine of your life, do visit our website for further details.

by Ayşem Zorlu

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