Quirky Romantic Weekend Trips for Valentine’s Day Publish Date 01-02-2019

Whether you argue “special days” are just invented to make people spend money or not, we all know that on Valentine’s Day, love is usually in the air. Suddenly it seems like everyone is a couple and there is discounted chocolate everywhere. We should celebrate love every day, it’s true, but Valentine’s Day is especially a great time to remember all the good things about your partner and cherish them with a romantic gesture.

For the travellers out there, we have some pretty good weekend trip ideas for Valentine’s Day. You can surprise your partner, or plan ahead with them to make sure they book their Friday off with a totally believable excuse. Skip the routine and check out the best 3 romantic getaway ideas we found for you.

London: Where romance can be unique and memorable

Romance fans might be thinking Paris is the ultimate Valentine’s Day destination, but what if I told you London is ready to steal that reputation? 

Valentine’s Day in London can be extra special if you take a pasta making course with your partner. It’s a fun activity but also an awesome way to learn a very useful skill because come on, it’s pasta!

If you want a more sophisticated experience, you can book a table on top of The Shard in London Bridge. It not only boasts one of the most beautiful views of London skyline but the restaurants offer an unforgettable fine dining experience as well. 

If you’d rather be thrifty and artsy, you can alternatively take your valentine to Tate Modern. Just smuggle two glasses and a bottle of wine, drop them somewhere safe where no one would check, discover the artworks together first and then enjoy the view on the terrace with a glass of wine.

If your partner is a sweet tooth, why not book a chocolate tour in London to make them smile ear to ear by the end? Or maybe you’re the sweet tooth, either way, both of you would find this experience fulfilling and romantic.

London is also known as an incredible destination for diverse ethnic and authentic food & drink. You can visit a secret cocktail bar like Nightjar or book a food tour in Borough Market for the best and most delicious food in London you can find.

Larnaca: A heart and body warming getaway for adventurous couples

If you live somewhere unbearably cold during the winter, Larnaca is the perfect getaway for some adventure and to enjoy great weather. Throughout February it’s like spring in Larnaca, with temperatures rising up to 20-21°C. 

You can stroll the streets of this beautiful Mediterranean city or you can hike, sail, climb, or even dive. If you have a partner who prefers peace in nature over a vibrant city life atmosphere, you now know where to take them.

Take the Cape Greco Walk to witness the incredible nature sites and beaches in Cyprus. Or if you prefer to dive in the deep sea, choose the Zenobia Wreck diving and find Zenobia, a Swedish-built cargo ship that sank just off the coast of Larnaca in 1980. 

When in Larnaca, discover the similarities between Cypriot, Greek and Turkish cultures and enjoy the seafood and mezzes in the numerous taverns available, afterwards you can take a walk on the beach and hold hands with your beloved while the sun slowly sets onto the crystal clear sea.

Istanbul: A foodie’s dream and a mystical romantic destination 

Istanbul is primarily known for its beautiful mosques, incredible architecture and multifarious cuisine and for being one of the most mystic and multicultural cities in the world. It is a romantic destination for many reasons, but you must visit it with your partner especially if they are a foodie.

Istanbul’s food tours are very popular among seasoned travellers who want to get to know the history behind the food and cultures.

You can enjoy an authentic Turkish breakfast before embarking on an endless learning journey, discovering the many museums and hidden gems in Istanbul. 

You can even take a day tour from Istanbul to see Cappadocia, where you can ride an air balloon to literally sweep your loved one of their feet.

Despite being a never sleeping, chaotic city, you can find your peace next to your loved one whilst gazing over to the Bosphorus in Ortaköy on a bench together. Istanbul is truly an intense destination that creates a wave of emotions in people and what is better than experiencing this with someone you love.

💖 Happy Valentine’s Day!

by Rüya Yönak

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