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In contrast to other people, I strongly believe that luxurious restaurants, five-star hotels, and posh hangouts are not the only options to go when you have a wide spectrum of a chance to explore from touristic places to political landmarks, from historical infrastructures to art galleries. It is not only about the peace and calm of rural districts and the warm hospitality of local people; and also, their culture, their food, and simple ways of life, away from the mad consumption world.

Just because of this belief, recently I attended a bike-taxi tour around old Nicosia and take my word for it - It was amazing! I was picked up from a pre-set location at the old Nicosia in the Walled City by a local with a bike-taxi, and that’s how my joyful day began. The tour normally includes both North and South sides of the Walled City but due to my time limitation, we could tour only one side. The bike-taxis have a solar energy battery charged and is driven by a Cypriot. Hence, the only thing you need to do is to sit in the back seat and enjoy the view and stories of historical spots. My driver was really informed about the old city and it was a pleasure to listen to the stories about the places we pass through, with the added joy of a cool breeze under the sunshine.

For example, he told the story of Yenicami Mosque. According to the words of my cheerful driver, the Yenicami Mosque, which means “the new mosque” in English, was originally a church built in the 14th century, then converted by the Ottomans as so many churches were done after they acceded in 1571. Nevertheless, only a minaret staircase and part of an arch remain of the original mosque, due to a strange dream about a buried treasure! You can read the full story at

In addition to the fascinating stories about Cyprus, the entertaining tour can be customized depending on the participants’ desire and thus, we routed to Big Inn known as “Büyük Han”, which, by our chance, was hosting a meeting organized for the people from Paphos. It can be said a party rather than a meeting. The attendants were totally having fun, enjoying their local music and eating their traditional treats. I tasted delicious candies, which were told that peculiar to Paphos. I recalled them from my Paphos visit, but even tastier as were home-made.

In conclusion, the tour was wonderful in every sense. The driver was very friendly and informative; the sightseeing was totally amazing, the stories were stunning and last but not the least, the Paphos party/meeting, call it whatever you want, was terrific. At the end of the tour, I understood I was proved right once again by defending sumptuous and expensive places do not always give you the best experience of your life!

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