Top 4 Hidden Gems of Turkey Last Updated 22-01-2019

Turkey has many famous destinations that host domestic and foreign travellers every season. Unique places which are dazzling with its historical and natural riches. Most people have heard about Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Antalya and many more. However, Turkey is also the home of a lot of places that have not attracted much attention so far and are little known, waiting to be discovered. The great news is, these secret places are also easy to reach and must be seen by Turkey visitors!

1- A valley with hidden beauties of Fethiye: Butterfly Valley

With its unique landscape, green, nature, butterflies, waterfalls, it is one of the most striking hidden holiday destinations. Its name comes from the area that contains more than 80 types of butterflies (only available during specific times of the year). It is especially known as the breeding point of Tigris butterflies. It is a natural site, with some wooden structures and tents ready for you to hire (early hire is highly suggested, especially during summer). When you go down the valley, you embrace the green nature and, on your way, back, you meet the blue sea. The only way of transportation is by boat ride. There are frequent rides from Oludeniz.

Top suggested Activities: Canyoning, Rock Climbing

2- Yacht Tourism Heaven: The Gulf of Gökova

The Gulf of Gökova is, of course, one of the most beautiful bays that bring the Aegean and the Mediterranean together. Mostly named as the “Heaven Corner”, Gökova is a new destination that fascinates holidaymakers with its crystal-clear turquoise water and clean air. Some parts of this gulf are the breeding and feeding area for the Sand Shark and the Akyaka Eurasian water otter. In addition, the region is the habitat of the Audouin's gull, the Mediterranean monk seal and the European shag. Around the bays, there are magnificent walking areas covered with pine and sweetgum trees. There are no accommodation facilities because there is no land transportation.

Top Suggested Activities: Boat tour from Marmaris or Bodrum

3- A neighbour to the natural life: Sapanca Lake

It is a place where you can enjoy yourself in every season of the year. Especially the lake and the lake-side restaurants add a taste to your trip. The lake has a unique legend. After listening to this legend from the natives, perhaps if you are lucky, you can see the minaret in the middle of the lake. It is around 1.5 hrs drive from Istanbul & 3 hrs drive from Ankara.

Top Suggested Activities: Day tour from Istanbul, or hiking for longer stays.

4- Blending the culture, history, hipster lifestyle and photography: Balat Area (in Istanbul)

People that belong to three of the great religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) lived here for centuries next to each other. It is now called Old Istanbul and is protected under UNESCO's cultural heritage. It is a paradise for photography lovers, like an open-air museum. The region is becoming popular between artists, painters, designers, journalists, foreigners, academics and people who love history and culture. If you are travelling in this giant city, but want to breathe old, authentic Istanbul, you must get lost in the streets of Balat one day...

Top Suggested Activities: Walking TourPhoto Tour

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