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Every day we are in a constant worry about at least one thing and usually pretty much about everything. When we want to travel, we worry about tickets, hotels, and transportation. We search, read and try to cover every piece of information about our destination; we try our best to have everything organized beforehand. Basically, we end up worrying about what is supposed to be our break from all the other daily matters that we're worried about.

For my trip to Kosovo, I decided not to plan, organize or prepare anything. I booked the tickets to Thessaloniki and knowing in advance that I would need to take buses to Macedonia and then Kosovo. What about rest of the details? I did not care! "No worries, I'll figure it out when I get there", I thought.

When I heard about Kosovo for the first time I was very shocked because I had no clue what and where that "Kosovo" was. I definitely didn't imagine I would be visiting there in a few months. I don’t usually feel excitement thinking about traveling and visiting new places, but what I get excited about is the new people that I might meet, the diversity I will face and the stories that I will hear from these people.

It’s amazing how traveling gives you the chance to meet new people and make friends from different countries around the world. All you need is to meet a stranger, to start a conversation and find one thing in common and by then you'll have a house! They say: "You don't need to build a house everywhere. Find a friend and you'll have a house."

I got to Kosovo knowing 2 people and left knowing 20 from different countries. On the way to Kosovo I met a young Scottish couple that had been traveling for 9 months, an older Malaysian couple that began travelling at the age of 55 after retiring and they visited 64 countries in 9 years, and last but not least a 75 year-old lady that gave away all her money and is travelling the world with no money!

I was amazed about how we, human beings, can trust each other within just a few minutes after meeting each other if we find something in common, something that we share with other people, even if it is just a football team that we both support, a similar previous experience, people from the same country or just a good feeling about the other “stranger” you just met. It takes just a few minutes to make new friends.

People in Kosovo are very generous and known for their hospitality. They give you the feeling that you really are at home. Despite the difficulties they are facing and the wars Kosovo has known, people remain positive and life-loving, laughing and enjoying life to the max. Kosovo's beautiful nature with brown colored houses, wooden doors and very creatively designed stone walls make a perfect combination of simplicity and style.

Travel with no worries and enjoy every moment, talk to strangers and make friends.

Life is too short to be wasted on worrying.


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