Unique 9 Experiences You Must Try as a Londoner Publish Date 08-04-2019

There is almost always something new to do in London. Being one of the busiest cities in Europe, it boasts unique experiences from secret cocktail bars to interactive theatre performances.

When you are a local in London though, all the exciting places you once wanted to go may start to seem overcrowded, too difficult to book or just too expensive. However, great experiences for Londoners are endless, and tours with locals are a great way to remember what you love about the city: the people, the places and the stories.

So, I made a list of unique experiences for Londoners, who might think they have already done everything London has to offer but are missing out on some alternative fun things to do.

Eating and Drinking Tours in London

1. Cheese Crawl in London

When was the last time you treated yourself to a full day of eating? This is the ultimate tour to find your new favourite pizza place if you are a cheese-loving London local (although you might still consider your one sacred).

In the cheese crawl, you’ll be tasting the finest Stilton blue cheese in London, London’s best cheese toastie and pizza, and of course, a surprising uncommon treat: prosecco cheese!

2. Pasta Making Experience

What if I told you that you can learn one of the most vital survival skills in one day: pasta making!

Next time you plan a romantic dinner with your partner, you can show off your pasta making skills to win their heart. This hands-on pasta making class is one of the best experiences for Londoners who like to cook and have a relaxing time. This experience is not available every day so book in advance to reserve your place!

3. Pub Crawl Tours in London

What’s better than a drunken history class at the oldest pubs in London with a group of mates? A pub crawl tour is an unforgettable experience with a London local who will tell you all about the crazy things that used to happen in the grimy streets of this ancient city.

From an authentic gin palace that was used as a prison to a market where you could sell your unwanted wives in the 17th century, this experience is for Londoners who like to drink and listen to interesting stories.

4. Afternoon Tea Cruise on the River Thames   

A cruise with your best friends on the Thames? With delicious scones, cakes and tea or if you're feeling fancy, prosecco? Now that's what one might call: a luxurious evening. Watch the sunset on the river, and enjoy a traditional afternoon tea as you chat away with your friends.

Culture Tours in London

5. A trip to the World of Shakespeare

As a Londoner, you sometimes forget what a wonderful city you live in and all the influential people that have probably been at the places you’ve been before. I mean Shakespeare used to have a pint at The George Inn in London Bridge once upon a time!

So every literary fan should take Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon tour to walk his steps, and discover where the literary genius lived and where he now rests.

6. Naughty London Tour

A crazy, unique tour in London is the Naughty London Tour where you will hear all about how filthy London once was. You’ll be visiting the nest of Satan, hear stories of executions gone wrong and find out the origins of swear words.

Join your fellow sinners on a journey of grime, crime, and drama because you’ll be travelling to the Tudor era!

7. Conspiracy Theory Tour

Are you into politics? Do you become what your friends call a “paranoid conspiracy theorist” when you start talking about the elite ruling the world? Did your world change when you discovered Illuminati? Well, this is the tour for you!

Take all your “rational” friends and learn how English became an international language, visit the freemasonry world supreme council, hear about secret political rules… You CAN handle the truth!

Thrilling Tours in London

8. High Speed Boat Adventure

Whether you are 5, 25 or 65, if you are a thrill seeker, you need to take this high speed boat to feel like you are flying over the River Thames. It was voted by Time Out readers as a ‘must do’ experience for Londoners for good reason.

Your guide will be a comedian to ensure you don’t die of an intensely fast heart rate, but of laughter (metaphorically). See the classic landmarks from a different perspective on this trip, and make sure to dress for the weather!

9. Cycling at Night in London

Is it just me or is London much prettier at night, when city lights lit up the way and people have abandoned the streets? If you feel the same way, you might want to try cycling in the city at night. This is also one of the most eco-friendly ways to discover the city. For more eco-friendly tour ideas, you can visit www.ecocityguides.com

Meet your guide at Lambeth at 7 pm and go for a 13 km ride, exploring the great views London has to offer along the River Thames. This is an especially great way to spend a summer night in the city.

by Rüya Yönak

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