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Making healthy homemade food for your kids is very important. Starting with organic homemade food prepares young children's palates for better food choices later on in life. It creates healthy eating habits and a positive relationship with food from an early age. Eating healthy helps prevent disease and illness. Does it sound too difficult for you? It becomes super easy after taking part in my cooking classes for new parents.

Our recipes are designed for working parents that never cooked before but want to grow a healthy and happy kid. In every session, we will prepare 5 easy and healthy recipes to use for the whole week. These classes will empower you to make sound nutritional choices for every member of your family.

The recipes are healthy but very tasty so that they can be eaten by the whole family. In this way, you don't have to cook different meals for small kids and the adults family members, reducing wastes and dirty pans and cutlery. 

Our recipes are prepared only with the best ingredients and only using organic and seasonal products. 

Every week we will make new recipes inspired to something different. For the first week, we will find inspirations from fritters and balls. 

These are the recipes we will make together during the first session:

Salmon fritters

Veggies muffin

Quinoa and chickpeas patties

Meatball with tomatoes sauce

Sweet potatoes energy balls

How is the class structured?

Cooking classes for new mums are highly hands-on and interactive classes and a great way to learn about nutrition as well as a chance to meet other women facing the same challenges as you.

The class will kick off by way of introduction. Then, I will give you some basic information on kids nutrition. After a demonstration of how to make every different recipe, each person will have a go a make something with his/her own hands. 

The class will last for about 2 hours. 

You get to take with you as much as you like about what you make! You'll also receive my personal tips, tricks and recipes to try out at home!

Why are our classes different?

We only buy organic food, putting our money into a sustainable method of farming and less chemically ridden. 

We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products. We use recycled paper products and recycle all our boxes, cans, papers and glass. We no longer buy bottled water for our clients and offer filtered water (with active charcoal) in glasses. 

We offer reusable bags and minimize the use of plastic bags. 

In all our classes and workshops we offer information and solutions to parents on how to keep their kids safe from harmful chemicals, such as buying organic foods, clothes, and even baby products like bottles. The products that we buy and therefore support make a real difference for the environment.

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