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First of all, as part of this tour you will experience Cyprus life, from local clothes & dresses to a traditional meal. History of the village & Cyprus, old houses, handcrafts and every other cultural details are preserved as in history. Please read below to see what we will cover and feel free to contact us if you have any question or request.

Kalavac Village, holding a tourism certification, hosts numbers of old houses and authentic buildings which have been renovated with the support of European Union. Originals of the remaining buildings from 1700s are still preserved with great care.

If you wonder how was the Cyprus culture and traditions in the past, this experience is just for you! Here, Cyprus culture and traditions are preserved very well. Local people still wear traditional clothes such as şalvar (trousers), Yemeni (headscarf), etc., and use old fashioned doors with no lock and cots (old style beds) in their daily life, as in the past.

This experience mostly focused on historical places and old items. 300-years-old shoe is one of the most interesting pieces. During this experience, we are going to visit 800-years-old olive tree, 400-500-years-old hand mill, 400-years-old clay bee hives and a plough which was used to plow in former times. Additionally, Museum of Traditional Cyprus Villages will be visited.

While visiting a very famous place at land, known as Cinlerin Sofrasi, if we lucky enough, our path might come across with wild animals such as donkey or goat, in their natural habitats. Legends and stories about the places will be told during our visits. A famous legend Gagguvak Legend is only one of them.

Traditional rugs and baskets, made from wheat-ear, are also symbols of Cyprus culture. Our diligent Aunt Ayşe (look at the pictures, you might recognize her :) ) will be knitting an example for us. If you are interested, you can buy them at a reasonable price at the end of the experience. Furthermore, a local person will make handmade pasta and halloumi (min. 2 person) as part of this experience. We will have the opportunity to take pictures and ask questions.

While approaching to the end of our tour, it is time to taste some food which is unique to Cyprus! We will have 3 different lunch options. All the dishes will be cooked right in front of you, so you will be able to see the cooking procedure and capture the moment as a memory. If you are interested, you may also help us while cooking. A new recipe is always handy.

At the end of our experience, if you want you can eat traditional dishes. There are 3 different options;

  1. Traditional pastries of the village (bulla with hellim and olive and various traditional scones)
  2. Bidda Badadez (local Cyprus potatoes cooked with a mysterious recipe)
  3. Kleftiko (yogurt, salad and a soft drink included) (min. 20 person)

Note: You can choose either traditional pastries or bidda badadez which are included in the experience price. If you want to try Kleftiko, there will be a small amount of additional cost.

Also, after our meal, we will provide traditional desserts. You should, definitely, try walnut macun or turunc (orange) macun. If the season is summer, you can also try a delicious fruit known as babutsa, know as the cactus fig.

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  • Aysem Z.

    As the owner of, I also have experienced the Eco-Village Visit in Cyprus. Here are tips from me: Loacal Blog


  • John G.

    Very local indeed. The guide was friendly. We walked the village together with him while he told us stories of the houses, tradition and food. There was a traditional handcraft demonstration as well. Great tour.


  • Enzokuhle N.

    Truly local experience. The guy with moustache greeted us and escorted us during the visit. He is very much informed about the area and is actually the mukhtar of the village. He told us many stories of the houses, eating habits, clothing and walked us through the streets. Very well organised tour. It was a pleasure to meet with him and the local people.


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(3 Reviews)

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