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If you ask me to describe Famagusta in one word, I would definitely say diversity.  Because it is a magical city where you can find an old city-castle with Venetian, Lusignan, Ottoman influence and a historic port which is having its most silent times in the history. Next to it, the only ghost city of the entire region which no one has ever lived since 43 years. You may ask why is that? Its absolutely political but nobody knows the correct answer. On the edges of this ghost-city, there are  half-ghost neighborhoods where residents mainly has agricultural jobs. But on the other side of the city with the effect of its international university, there is a completely different life than other parts of the city. Sounds too diverse right? All of those happen in a small city in the eastern side of Cyprus. I am inviting you to explore this city with me.

I am offering a daily-tour to Famagusta, which may include exploring the old-city through walking to main attractions, because that is the only way to get the feeling of city as it is very small but very rich place in terms of cultural heritage. You will have plenty of opportunity to make photos of this beautiful place. As part of this we may have a coffee at a coffee-shop or a cypriot-lunch according to your request. You can also buy traditional souvenirs in one of shops if you wish. Our tour is customizable to you.

My top suggestions for attractions in Famagusta- Old City are Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (St.Nicholas Cathedral), Othello Castle, Namık Kemal Square, Namık Kemal Dungeon & Museum and  Porta del Mare (Sea Gate). How much we cover those attractions are up to your expectations. After the old city we may continue to Palm beach area which is the only beach inside city, where you can observe ghost-city, takes photos and may be swim depending on the season. Additionally that area has good scenery of port and castle. After that we can make a small car-tour to see a general picture of the ghost city. Finally we can have a look to the last part of the city which includes the university where most of the cafe's- bars and shopping centres are located.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will customize the tours when requested. Feel free to ask for additional location visits and specific requests.

1 person price is 30 euros. For 2-3 people, I offer discounted price of 20 pp.

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  • jillianarb

    I spent an interesting day with Ali. First we went to the local weekly Wednesday market before moving on to Famagusta. The highlight for me was Petek patisserie with its small Avery and fattening but delicious looking pastries and cakes. It was at least good to taste samples of lokum. We saw the sad ghost town from afar of what was once fashionable Famagusta before 1974 from afar. Ali was very pleasant and informative about the different blends of coffee in each city. Famagusta, Nicosia and Kyrenia. I had a nice day out and would recommend Ali to escort you on a similar day out or elsewhere. Highly recommended.


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