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"Everyone loves to fly, and flying underwater is even better than flying in air because there are things around you." said Graham Hawkes

We can't agree more. Are you ready for exploring life under water?

Details of experience

For any of the locations, we offer both free diving or snorkeling trips. If you are a mix of both, please contact us, and we will arrange.

In Limassol, there are two wrecks Lady Thetis and Konstantis. Free-diving depth of 19mt and 25mt respectively. Both are nice, calm sea with clear water and hosts lots of fishes to see.

Depending on the request, Akrotiri area in Limassol is also a good diving spot, with depth fm 5-25 mt with clear water; offering good visibility and very nice bottom. This area is famous of local marine life, hosting fishes, octopus and many more.

At Paphos, what you will experience is similar, there will be a wreck and rocks around the coast near Paphos port. You will be able to snorkel or free dive at clear water and see very bottom well.

The day trip to Akamas offers a great opportunity for a fantastic day for the whole family. Sea has a very nice bottom with warm waters and natural environment. However, please note that kids should know swimming. There is also a huge variety of marine life


* A child aged 12+ can join our experience but must know how to swim.

* Transportation within Limassol can be provided for 4 persons and will be included in the price. If more than 4 people then please contact us using the form below and we will see how can we arrange a transport. Transport to come to Limassol is not included.

* There need to be 4-8 people for Limassol trips and 6-8 people for Paphos or Akamas trips


This experience is offered mainly in Limassol but, we can organize trips to Paphos or even Akamas (with additional price).

Duration of the experience

Limassol experience will take 3-4 hrs. Paphos will need extra 2 hrs due to transport. Akamas area is normally full day (08:00 16:00/17:00)

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  • Child-friendly
  • 4 - 8 People
  • Transportation: Extra fee
  • 6 Hour(s)
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