Karpaz Weaving Workshop
Cyprus - Nicosia (North) - Nicosia


Traditional Hand Craft Course


We are a non-profit organization who do not only produce, display and sell handcrafts using colors, patterns and motifs authentic to Cyprus but also give courses in handcrafts to revive this part of the Cyprus culture.

Our goal is to revive the past, to promote and cherish the old products in Cyprus. With this course, you will how to weave, like the old days. You use the weaving loom, winding it around a spinning wheel and experience how we make chest covers, trestle covers, curtains, and various products.

We start our workshop with weaving on our shuttle loom, then switch our foot below. Then, we press what we call "comb", the mechanism. With the help of this comb, we press our yarns while we keep switching our foot.  Now, with this workshop, you will learn the basic of Karpaz weaving, what's making it different from normal weaving and actually experience how to do it and make a small piece with your own hands.

We believe weaving brings a great sense of fulfilment to those engaged in the craft. It is very enjoyable.

For many cultures, weaving is a family tradition that is passed from mother to daughter. The link to future generations creates an invisible tie that connects people with their heritage. As we say, your culture is your roots, you know where you came from, what you are. So, let's go deep into Cypriot roots and find the hidden treasures of Cypriot culture, coming over years and years.

Now, join our 1-1.5 hours workshop and experience Cypriot culture!

You can take the pieces you make. You will need to pay for the raw material (cloth) by cash on the of the experience. The charges vary from 1 to 3 euros each.

What can you make with wood?
Literally anything: Ornaments, table for walls, key rings, boxes, trays, decoration and many more...

Thanks for reading. We are looking forward to meeting with you!

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  • Monday to Sunday
  • English
  • Turkish
  • Child-friendly
  • 1 - 13 People
  • 2 Hour(s)
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