Make coasters using Silkworm Cocoon
Cyprus - Nicosia (North) - Nicosia


Traditional Hand Craft Course


What about learning how to make coasters using Silkworm Cocoon?

Imagine being able to make one of the oldest Cypriot handcrafts. You will learn how to make this traditional Cypriot coaster by working with Cypriot women who have been practicing this art for years. We as Hasder Folk Arts Institute, are a non-profit organization.

We do not only produce, display and sell hand crafts using colors, patterns and motifs authentic to Cyprus, but also give courses in handcrafts to revive this part of the Cyprus culture.

The traditional panels are copied from the original. You will make them with your own hands from silkworm cocoons produced.

Now, join our 1-1.5 hours workshop, take this gift and your experience back home.

You can take the pieces you make. You will need to pay for the raw material by cash on the day of the experience. The charges vary from 1 to 3 euros each.

What can you make with silk cocoons?

Ornaments, table for walls, key rings, boxes, trays, bridal flowers,  jewelry, phone bag, decoration for your bags and many more...

Thanks for reading. We are looking forward to meeting with you!

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  • Monday to Sunday
  • English
  • Turkish
  • Child-friendly
  • 1 - 13 People
  • 2 Hour(s)
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