Paying and communicating through Loacal.com is not only a requirement in our Terms of Service—it also protects you by Safe and Secure Payments protected under our Terms, Cancellation and Refund Policies. Never pay outside of our platform, app or website and report any off-site payment to us immediately.

If you receive an email that appears to be from Loacal.com or are directed to a website that looks like Loacal.com requesting sensitive personal information, be cautious. When in doubt, do not click on any link provided. Start with Loacal.com homepage in your browser and go from there.

We don't share your personal email address even after you have a confirmed reservation. You should never provide your email address to a host. All your communication should to be through Loacal.com for security reasons.

Before booking an experience, check the certificates and personal/agency verifications completed by the host and make sure that you are feeling safe enough before booking the experience. If you have any hesitation, you may contact the loacal directly or email us clarifying your concerns and we will do our best to direct/ help you.

Better safe than be sorry, says Walters. Be sure to read our Safety Tips and Loacal descriptions before booking an experience. If you encounter an emergency situation, or if your personal safety is threatened while travelling, contact local police or emergency services immediately. If you need help from us, please call +44 75 99 1717 01


The initial step of a reservation is agreeing on details of the experience, while some experiences offer instant booking. Your payment information is not requested until the loacal accepts your booking. Once the host accepts your request, you will be asked for the payment.

We can provide you with an invoice for your experience, so please contact us from payments@loacal.com

First things first, we recommend checking your Junk folder as it might be waiting for you there. You should have received a confirmation email within 24 hours of placing your order. If it's later than that and you still haven't heard anything, let us know.

When you reserve an experience at Loacal.com, the experience provider receives an email with your request and the initial contact has been made. Depending on the loacal’s availability, s/he will approve or edit or cancel your request. You can now communicate with the host using the Message Box. In some cases, hosts will be comfortable letting you book their experience instantly without waiting for approval. After the approval, you will be requested to pay for your experience. Read How it works for details.

This is a good one! One of our main aims as Loacal.com is to offer as many activities in as many languages as possible in order for travelers to have the option to communicate with locals who can speak their languages. You can filter experiences by spoken language at our Explore page. This information is also available at the experience page of a particular activity. Note that an activity being able to be conducted in your language doesn’t mean it is only conducted in your language. Many guides are multilingual and will give tours in multiple languages.

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