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Are you wondering if Loacal is safe? Here is what the founder says...

Being the Founder of Loacal.com I believe that reading travel blogs, travel advice websites and travel books is never enough to understand a culture on its own. For me, travelling is more than just being a tourist or visiting the highlights of a city. It is investigating the off-beaten path; experiencing what a local does, drinking with locals after work, eating the local lunch from the local restaurant, listening to local's sounds and experiencing the favorite wine bar between locals...

In December 2015 with the incentive of “I have worked enough, I should also travel a bit”, I had a long trip away from Cyprus (my hometown) to South America to work voluntarily in the Rainforest. My first stop was Peru. The time I spent there was as ‘a dream coming true’. The trees that stretch up to the point where I could not see the monkeys, the giant mosquitoes, the big, strange insects, the leaves of trees longer than a human, and of course many tarantula buddies... I visited a local’s house and cooked a local Peruvian dish.

Then, I passed to Panama, where I was lucky enough to meet with a local in a live jazz concert, to try surfing together with a couple of surfers, and to explore the South American way of living together with a local, like a local. 

There, I also had the opportunity to meet with an indigenous tribe and experience the life of locals. That was the moment I realised the need for a platform. A platform which is a bridge between travellers and local activities & tours where they can exchange their culture and can explore the hidden gems that only locals know.

And now you are on this platform: You are skipping the routine and are one touch away from experiencing the Loacal way of living.

The smart way of travelling : Experience the local with Loacal!

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