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Are you wondering if Loacal is safe? Here is what the founder says...

Being the Founder of Loacal.com I believe that reading travel blogs, travel advice websites and travel books is never enough to understand a culture on its own. For me, travelling is more than just being a tourist or visiting the highlights of a city. It is investigating the off-beaten path; experiencing what a local does, drinking with locals after work, eating the local lunch from the local restaurant, listening to local's sounds and experiencing the favorite wine bar between locals...

In December 2015 I had a long trip away from Cyprus, my local country, to many places in South America including Peru and Panama. I was lucky enough to meet with a local in a live jazz concert and explore the South American way of living together with a local, like a local. That was the moment I realised the need for a platform. A platform where a local and a traveler can meet, can exchange their culture and can explore the hidden gems that only locals know.

And now you are on this platform: You are skipping the routine and are one touch away from experiencing the Loacal way of living.

Smart way of travelling : Experience the local with Loacal!

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