Established in 2015, Internative is a software development and digital solutions company that produces innovative solutions, products and services that are innovative, creative and massively accessible. As the Internative family, we produce the systems that customers need to invest in technology. Digital and software solutions, as well as our infrastructure and technical support services, contribute to the continuous improvement of existing solutions in parallel with the changing technology. Our most important principle as an Internative family is to analyze the needs of our customers in the best way, to provide customized solutions and to maintain continuity with zero mistakes. is one of the most exciting and creative projects that Internative has ever supported., which combines the latest technological infrastructure and interface design to bring the user experience to the highest level, offers a unique experience for travelers.

Rent n Connect

Available in Turkey.

Never ask for a Wifi password again.
          Carry your Wi-Fi, connect from everywhere
          Connect your devices to Internet, feel like at home
          Travel with Wi-Fi & Enjoy more
          No more searching for free wifi

Visit to complete your reservation.  Make sure to use the promotional code Loacal for free delivery.
Your device will be delivered to either at the supported airports or your hotel waiting for you at check-in.
Return it to the selected return location and we will handle the rest.
Keep your family or friends connected while travelling with unlimited 4.5G wifi.

Special thanks for the help in translation: Rodrigo Gama Vaz da Silva, Çağla Defteralı, Andy Theocharous

And for the general support: Rodrigo Gama Vaz da Silva, Burak Berk Doluay together with Cyprus Inno, Kezban Özlütaş

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