What is a Loacal?

Loacal.com concept has two sides to explore

 1- Be a Traveler - Experience with Loacals

  • Cheaper than private-guide tours
  • Tailored to your specific interests
  • No rigorous plans, the experience is fully customizable
  • Less formal and more friendly than a tour guide
  • Option to choose your loacal friend
  • Explore the new culture with a Loacal
  • Flexibility to choose the language (depending on availability)


2- Be a Loacal - Share your culture

  • Make some money doing what you love
  • Meet with new people who have similar interests
  • Joy of accompanying friends with similar interests
  • Learn new cultures
  • Potentially utilise your free time for something useful to both sites
  • For guides, no strict plans or nervous moments with travelers

A traveler or a Loacal, now create an account.

Pause your life and enjoy new experiences!

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